Bringing your body back into balance & optimum health at Bioresonance London


Outdoor Allergies (Hay Fever etc)

Heavy Metal Stress

Infectious Diseases


Rheumatism Arthritis 

Nutrient Point Stressors (electro Acupuncture)

Toxin Overload

Connective Tissue Stressors (Sports Injury Etc)


Bacterial Infections

Cancer Support

Energetical Imbalances


Candida and other Fungal Mycosis

Eczema and Skin Related Issues

Joint Disease and Deterioration


Emotional Blocks

Enhance your therapy with energy healing

To maximise your therapy and see faster results, at Bioresonance London we offer a combined therapy of bioresonance with energy healing.  This allows us to work on all aspects of your being, mind, body and spirit and to support healing from the inside out.  Both bioresonance and healing support balance,

thus through combining the therapies together, it is possible to feel a great sense of harmony in a shorter amount of time and also provides a very relaxing therapy.

Bioresonance London