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I think that bioresonance therapy is underrated and something which more people should consider. I've been struggling with chronic health conditions for over 6 months which regular routes of healthcare have been unable to diagnose. The bioresonance provided me with the diagnosis I had been seeking and is then able to treat those main concerns and more! Have felt much better since having the treatments. 

Marcus is very kind and empathetic and clearly does as much as he can for you within each treatment. He is also very intuitive which supports the healing and appropriate course of therapy. 

Would highly recommend !

M Horbury

Simona came to me with cancerous cells and the HPV Virus. 

I strongly recommend Marcus for clearing the HPV Virus

Marcus is a professional, enthusiastic, caring, constantly developing, and the most dedicated 

therapist I have ever met!

I first came to see Marcus 8 months ago, upon the recommendation of my friend, after my SMEAR  test results came back as abnormal. I was diagnosed with the high risk Human Papilloma Virus with CIN1 cell changes.  My first colposcopy exam confirmed the diagnosis and revealed that the medium range area of my cervix was affected.

After having several therapies with Marcus I was scheduled for my 2nd colposcopy exam. This time the SMEAR test results came back as normal. The biopsy results of the changed tissue, on the other hand, still showed mild CIN1 cell changes but the affected area shrank from medium to small this 


Encouraged with the results I continued to seeing Marcus. He expanded and adjusted my treatments and worked on my other conditions as well. My overall wellbeing increased significantly after every session.

Few days ago I had my 3rd colposcopy exam. This time they took the SMEAR test only; the biopsy wasn’t even performed because there were no abnormal cells on my cervix left to take the sample from!!!

I am thankful and grateful to Marcus for his passion, drive, determination and his overwhelmingly positive attitude in combating my condition(s) which caused me lots of grief and worrying. Even though my original condition is gone, I continue seeing Marcus on a more sporadically basis - only when I feel I need to touch up on my health. Thank you so much, Marcus!




Another degenerated cell and HPV Virus case Dora.


I just would like to tell you, that I had the medical examination at the hospital yesterday and everything is fine now. The borderline changes on the cells disappeared, and I don't have the HPV virus anymore.

I would like to thank you for your help, I am sure that your therapy helped me. 

I will recommend you and your therapy to everyone.


Heavy smoker Wendy:


Bio- resonance is the best thing that ever happened to me" Being a smoker for donkeys years smoking from 40 to 60 Marlborough red a day I thought I would die a smoker. Doctors told me I would have emphysema by the time I was 40 if I did not quit.
I tried patches numerous amount of times, E cigarettes,  inhalers more patches for years and years and years and only ever maintained being a non smoker for a few hours. 
I heard about bio-resonance from a friend of mine and thought ill try anything once.
I had my first craving at 11am when normally I would wake up at 5am craving to have a cigarette, but no sooner did it come it went.


Smoker of 32 years Phil:


I was afraid to stop smoking because of the withdrawals, and  was assured from the very beginning,  I could come back for top up sessions  if I needed to for free
I had 3 sessions in total (only paid for one) and I also had extra work done on me as well.
I have never known such a conscientious practitioner in all my years of having holistic therapy 
I  did have half a cigarette after my first session but it didn't taste the same and I really didn't need it. I haven't smoked  for 11 months and have no desire to start again.

P Gunner


Smoking addict Rick:


The Bio resonance stop smoking program wasn't an easy decision for me. I was skeptical but had heard that it worked for many other addictions so thought if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me.
I found the price reasonable after comparing  with others and decided to give it a go. I didn't have to wait ages for the appointment and found the practitioner most welcoming with a very positive spirit.
What more can I say.... I'm a non smoker and intend to stay that way.



Smoker of 23 years Leanne:

I just wanted to let you know how I was getting on.

I haven't smoke a single cigarette in 3 weeks now and am feeling great.

Also my appetite has decreased so everything is back to normal like you said.

I wish you all the best and will be in contact regarding other therapies.

L Spencer


Smoker of 30 years Alan: 


I wanted to cut down but still have the occasional one. I certainly didn't believe in this therapy or any other kind of treatment, I was strong and could do it by myself!! 
How many times did I stop and start, start and stop I lost count. A friend encouraged me to try this new therapy and this is how she explained it to me.  Bioresonance therapy smoking cessation cancels out the memory of nicotine and the body is returned to its natural state prior to addiction. 

Detoxification is rapidly accelerated and nicotine is eliminated, and by cancelling out the energetic pattern of nicotine, it ensures that you do not experience any further cravings for cigarettes. What it says happened. My biggest fear were the cravings and I had none, this was a miracle cure for me. I no longer smoke at all not even a sneaky puff, and I'm grateful for that.


I came to Bioresonance London for a general health check, a friend of mine recommended it. I didn't really expect much but wanted to find out if there was anything I could work on. I then realised I had more then a few things going on! Unfortunately I didn't really take to much notice of it but after a couple of sessions I really felt the difference. it seemed like i didn't even realise I was feeling so down. I really wanted to complete a whole course of therapy and once I did wow. I had emotional problems that were not even on the surface removed. I felt confident and a lot more alert. I really want to express the fact that this therapy just keeps going. you believe you are health until you realise what being healthy is.

Please visit this therapist!

S Robberts